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There are few things in life that can compare to finishing a project near and dear to you. Seeing it through all phases of creation. All the setbacks. And finally having it done. Out there and ready to take part in the sonic or visual landscape of the world. Most of us have probably had […]
As you may or may not know, in 2014 I had an extended stay in India. I was there doing concerts with some of the greatest players from that country and teaching western drumming at a music college. Being in India was truly a life changing experience. Although playing and teaching got me there, one […]
Chapter 3
Burn that bridge I did a master class about career management recently. In the first hour of this master class I asked students to get up and actually run the class. One by one I asked them to come up and imagine how they would run the class, ask questions, make a master plan for […]
There is a time to post cats on Facebook. A time to post dogs. A time to post your band and promote your music or whatever it is you do. But please folks…Make time to create and spread awareness of the things that are happening around the world. The things that are unjust and brutal. […]
As you may know, I travel a lot!! Per year, probably way more then the average person does in a lifetime. It seems to me, that most musicians these days travel tons in order to make a living. Personally I find this to be a welcome situation. I love traveling. Love every part of it. […]
Compact Monitors and Phil Maturano
The importance of keeping your ears fresh. ” You are what you hear” – I am sure we are all very familiar with this saying by now. It implies that your listening habits will determine the way you sound on the kit. I was reminded of the importance of this recently as the regular life […]
Drumming and Composition blog
As you may or may not know, I am in the middle of writing my next cd. This blog is really meant to give you an idea of what i think about the tasks involved in the process of writing and my own personal view on composition, from the standpoint of being a drummer. Every […]
The Left Foot clave Video Series
Do you want to improve your all around drumming skills? What is it that really makes you improve? Is it faster hands? Faster feet? More technique? Well…After teaching 1000’s of drummers across the globe, I can tell you that many many people have great technique, great hands and feet, as fast as anyone I have […]
Ettore Interview
This interview is with great Italian pianist Ettore Carucci. He gives us his thoughts about drummers and a few tips as well. This interview is mostly for my Italian students as Ettore and I are speaking in Italian. If you speak Italian as well, have a look;) All the best , Phil M
Every once in a while we all have to go through this. You get to a point where you want to play new stuff. You want to get another genre under your belt. You want to expand. In the quest to get new vocabulary under your belt, as we all know, there is a time […]
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