Our methods are deep studies of the subjects outlined here. Providing years of study. Some are featured on the site in their own sections and others are spread throughout the different sections for efficiency in navigating the site. On this page you have an overview of what we feature. If you have any other questions before joining please feel free to contact us!

IC2IC2 – Inner clock 2 

A massive study of time.  Over 14 hours – 59 videos and an ever growing library of play alongs. Charts, downloadable MP3’s and video lessons on how to play the songs. The Inner Clock Method is used in music schools and conservatories world wide. Recorded in 5 different countries IC2 is one of the major works of my life. Presented to you here in its full glory in a way that is not possible to do in any other format!

Featuring some of the top names in the music industry: Billy Childs – Walfredo Reyes – Luis Conte – Derrick Murdock – Martin Verdonk – Irio O’Farril – Pete Lockett – Andreas Schnermann – Billy Hulting – Cliff Almond – Francisco Torres – Ettore Carucci – And the list of great players goes on!

“An everyday practice routine that will produce incredible results!”
Joe Porcaro – Drumming legend

“This method brings together three important areas; Technique, Styles and Reading. These areas will show rapid improvement.”
Steve Houghton – Master teacher



The Left Foot Clave Handbook  – Plus Video Series
Exercises and text!! Over 150 pages.
This book is really a detailed study of rhythm and phrasing based on the concept of playing with time line structures. (Clave) Playing the left foot clave requires a serious commitment to those things. As does the study of clave in general.

“Left foot clave” is an elusive technique that is largely misunderstood. This is the only method in existence that breaks down Independence, vocabulary and advanced phrasing. Ever wonder how to get the independence and phrasing ability required to master the elusive “Left foot Clave?” Now the time has come to make it happen.

“Phil Maturano has written one of the best books I’ve seen on the subject of left foot clave. It’s challenging, yet accessible, very well-organized, and (most importantly) makes music the first priority. Highly recommended.”
Mark Walker – Oregon/Paquito D’Rivera/Berklee Professor




Paradiddles and the Magic Sticking – (PDF book and Video series)
Developed in my time in India using Konnakol concepts, this sticking brings the sound of Tablas and Indian classical percussion to the drumset. An immense hand workout and rhythmic study! – Konnakol is one of the deepest rhythmic studies you will ever encounter! This method adds a whole other dimension to it as it applies the language to the drumset in a direct and useful way!  The 7 part video series guides you in the method as well as application. 



Latin Soloing for the Drumset

Latin Soloing for the Drumset – NOW ON VIDEO!
A breakthrough study in decoding the language of African descent music. Featuring some of the worlds best “Latin” players. For the first time this method is featured completely on video! 12 videos makes this whole massive study easy to see in action. A huge contribution to the drumming community worldwide.
“Discover the secret phrasing of African-descent rhythms in this one-on-one lesson! MI instructor Phil Maturano teaches Relayed Time Shifting (RTS), a unique system of shifting between cut time and 6/8, and covers complex and stylistically challenging rhythms such as mambo, cha cha, samba, bossa nova, soca and cumbia. On the CD, Phil demonstrates RTS as he plays along with his band Zumbadah-Asche, which features some of LA’s hottest Latin players!”
Luis Conte – Abe Laboriel – Joe Rotondi – Emil Richards – Bob Shepard – Billy Childs – Kevin Ricard – Toshi Yanagi – Kevin Brandon – Albert Wing –

“Latin Soloing” is used in Conservatories and drum schools worldwide.



Afro Cuban Drumming – an overview for the Drumset – (In cooperation with Hudson Music)

Afro Cuban Drumming was voted “Must have” by Modern Drummer Magazine and is the best video method of its kind. Complete with Percussion parts explained for the drummer. Additionally how to play in a Cuban rhythm section is covered as well as Phil’s most innovative study – The “RTS” system
Maturano carefully illustrates the proper way to adapt each instruments sound and rhythm to the drumset while showing how one players hands, feet, drums and cymbals are used to recreate the layered groove that was originally played by multiple players.Along with the benefits of close-up camera angles, split-screen views, studio-quality audio, the DVD also includes examples of how these essential drumset patterns are played with and without other percussionists, in a rhythm section and with a band. A challenging, final section on the left foot clave technique is included, as well. For drummers who may be new to Afro-Cuban rhythms, or those looking to get a better handle on them, Afro-Cuban Drumming for the Drumset takes the mystery out of Latin drumming once and for all. And, by making it easier for players to understand and perform Latin styles, the DVD also gives them the confidence and ability to explore a wider variety of contemporary and ethnic drumming styles.




[fancy_header variation=”black”]Online Lessons section[/fancy_header]

Here we have many different lessons organized for you by topic. We have Video series and master lessons. A vast library of material ever expanding and without a doubt one of the most complete in the world!

True study of 6-8

“The True Study of 6/8” – (Video Series)

A study in Rhythm and phrasing. If you don’t know how rhythm works in contemporary styles, Jazz, Afro Brazilian, Shuffles, Funk etc…You are denying yourself the immense joy of drumming. The knowledge of Rhythm will open your vocabulary and you will never be the same. Rhythm is our house as drummers. Make sure you are using it to bring your full potential out in music.





Super Linear Phrasing

Super Linear Phrasing (Video Series)
A full study of linear phrasing using 32nd note subdivisions. Here we will develop syncopated phrasing as well and apply everything in a musical, Groove and Soloing context.

As usual I concentrate on thorough studies and not licks! This whole video series is a massive study in Linear phrasing you can eventually apply to many different genres. Not just the ones most people are used to hearing them in. Only a complete study will give you this flexibility and here we have it! Complete with PDF booklet. And many playing examples as well.




Jazz101Jazz 101 – (Video Series)
My first teacher was Jazz Legend Roy Mc Curdy. I pass on to you the first things he taught me. As I entered into the world of Jazz I realized his teaching were gold! My sound today is still influenced by his playing and it was a great honor to learn from him. This ongoing  full video series is an introduction to Jazz for beginning to intermediate players based on my time with Roy –

  1. Time Generation
  2. Independence
  3. Developing a correct touch
  4. Introduction to Phrasing
  5. Introduction to Right Hand lead



How to Practice

How to practice  – A precise and in depth program I have presented and is used in top universities around the world. 

Have you ever wondered exactly HOW to practice. Most of the time I see players just “wing it”. But practicing is a life long endeavor and serious business. It cannot be left to chance. If it’s disorganized you will suffer practice burn out, waste precious studio time that you might be paying for! And of course you could be wasting your own time!! If you are serious about practicing then you need a system that will organize your thoughts as well as your material. Practicing for hours and hours will do little good if everything you do is random. This is a system I designed for players with a heavy workload of subjects. Learn how to keep your mind in order as well as your schedule. A very important part of your formula that is often ignored. “How to practice” has been a hit with drummers across the world. Now the system is finally on a video.

Warming up
Much needed knowledge about warming up for light casuals to high pressure gigs where you need to hit full force from beat one! Warming up is essential if you want to prevent injury and sound good! Its a great habit to get into and there are ways to do it where you slide right onto the stage without annoying the audience or bandmates! Learn how to do it efficiently like a pro!
  1. Warming up the hands
  2. Warming up the feet
  3. Warming up for creativity




Pedal techniques

An in depth look at both Hi-hat at and Bass Drum pedal technique and how it can help you. Exercises and explanations.

  1. Correct balance on the throne for maximum pedal efficiency
  2. Introduction to motion
  3. Motion exercises – Ghost notes and Strokes
  4. Heel down
  5. Heel up
  6. Eliminating “static body”



Beginners Corner

Beginners Corner – Find everything for the Beginner here
In this huge ever growing section we have basic independence and vocabulary for contemporary styles. Shuffles, Rock, Funk.   A huge asset for beginning players and a back to basics workout for intermediate and advanced. Starting with Shuffles (The beginning) we work our way through all Independence necessary to get your play up and running. PDFs and video make a ton of studying for you. Topics include:
  1. Rock Shuffle
  2. Chicago Shuffle
  3. Halftime Shuffle
  4. Funk Shuffle
  5. Advanced Shuffle Independence
  6. Fills and vocabulary

You've Got to Funk a Drei

Phrasing – You’ve got to Funk Drei – The 3 in Funk. (Video Series)
How to use the most common rhythmic cycle in funk drumming. The 3 bar cycle. This is the only method I have seen that tackles this subject in depth and with a clarity that will provide a massive study for a years.
If you don’t know what the 3 Bar Cycle is you are missing out on one of the most beautiful phrases in contemporary drumming. This video series and extensive PDF booklet also comes with an mp3 supplement package for further use on the go. This type of phrasing is essential to improvising most all genres of music coming from the USA. But is also a part of Afro Cuban, Brazilian and so many other genres. It is truly to go to rhythmic piece of vocabulary for all drummers. Don’t miss this!


Phrasing – The Rhythmic Pyramid in Jazz – The 3 in

This very popular lesson now comes on video! It includes PDF files and an audio version of the lesson on mp3 so you can listen on the go! This method is a favorite with many students around the world so I decided to put it on video for an even better lesson experience. If you love straight ahead jazz but have trouble playing at all tempo ranges, or would love to understand the vocabulary of players like Bill Stewart, Elvin Jones and all the greats. Or would you like to get your playing to sound more open and flowing? Then this workshop is for you! One of the questions I get asked constantly is – How do I play loose and not stiff? And of course – How do I play really fast uptempo? I can tell you that technique is only a 1/4 of the battle. The rest is rhythmic knowledge and the application of that knowledge through the different tempos and feels.

Review from Master Drummer and Teacher Frank Briggs
“Phil’s The 3 in Jazz workshop is very well done. I expected a short lesson, what I got was the equivalent of a small book. There is a wealth of info here. The examples are very well thought out and executed. More importantly it cleared up some things for me…. thanks Phil!”



PhrasingGroups of 5 and Groups of 7 – (In cooperation with Hudson Music)

In this video series we will explore a very important vocabulary used in many contemporary styles. Groupings of 5 and 7 have been a staple in phrasing of many genres. From Fusion to Afro Cuban. It’s a very important study that can yield an immense amount of vocabulary and rhythmic texture. Complete with extensive PDF’s. This series is a massive study in phrasing. Presented in cooperation with Hudson Music.

These are concepts that every drummer can benefit from – Rock drummers, Latin, Jazz, Pop…the works! The lessons carry essential knowledge

that is a common thread in all of drumming, based on a foundation of Rhythm – not licks. Phrasing and time is constructed and improved through the study of rhythm, and rhythmic knowledge is the first thing we should explore, especially as drummers.

“Many times we are caught up in the technical and physical side of things”, says Phil, “but the most important and widely used aspect of drumming, whether you are a chops master or beginner, is Rhythm. And when you start to learn how it functions in music, it’s life changing. Always base your drumming language on your knowledge of rhythm. Not licks!”

Here we learn: A) The basic phrase concept B) Application and creation of time line structures C) Expansion onto the kit D) Rudimental applications E) Groove, fills and Time line applications using the phrase F) Expansion to different Genres G) Soloing applications with examples

Phrasing – Afro – Cuban Solo Breakdown
There are times when you just need to sit next to a player with experience and watch him break things down note per note / concept per concept so that the details of how things work are revealed. Like in the days of apprenticeship. Where we learned by watching, hearing and doing! This clip is an in depth look at the fine details of an Afro Cuban Drumset solo.
There is a definite language to this type of drumming and here we break down the elements beat by beat, phrase by phrase. Learning the function of each peice of vocabulary when appropriate and when to use it! once you have mastered the basic vocabulary (Cycle work) you need to know where to put everything. And how to make it flow. This is where we cover that!

 developing vocabularyDeveloping Vocabulary
This video will show you how to truly embed new vocabulary into your playing. We can say it is a definite system to help you with this.  There is a big difference between playing a lick and playing a piece of vocabulary with freedom and musicality. Thats is a very important aspect of doing fills, playing solos and playing musically. Approaching this process methodically saves lots of time and effort. We will learn how to do it so you can adapt it to every new piece of vocabulary that comes your way.

Stringing vocabulary
Stringing Vocabulary together 
In order to improvise efficiently you will need to know how to flow from one piece of vocabulary to the next. In this video we explore this topic. The approach I am using is based on a concepts presented to me by world renowned saxophonist Bob Shepard. This video will give you all the details about how to go about this process and is applicable to all vocabulary you have.

Old style Rock and Roll
In this video I will explore the benefits of learning old Rock and Roll style drumming. A very useful tool! Don’t let the tittle fool you into thinking its easy stuff!! Everyone from John Bonham to the greatest drummers of country Rock know this type of stuff and its a real “bread winner” if you know what i mean. There has been a lot of music written with this type of groove and its time to nail it!

Getting a Real Samba Feel!!
In this clip we are working on getting a proper feel for Samba. Although it is work on a particular genre, this can spill over into many other styles of Brazilian music. There is nothing nicer then hearing this beautiful style with the right flowing “Hump” on drums! With out the proper feel its very difficult to get nice grooves happening with the music. Opening up your hearing and understanding the special rhythmic properties of Samba is the main theme here. And the way we do it is by applying RTS – My method for decoding the feel and phrasing of African descent music, to the Samba. Dancers will love you and you will have a blast with this! Comes with extensive PDF notation – and is a pretty massive study on its own! Independence, phrasing, control and feel with be massively enhanced with this concept.

One handed 16th notes
Advanced Technique – Improving one handed 16th note grooves
This type of groove for drumset is very important because it has been the driving force in many R&B hits! An essential groove for fusion too and can also be applied to other styles as well. This will also serve you very well if you want to play Brazilian music and a whole other slew of styles that use this type of technique.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.01.13 PMThe Rebound Stroke 
In-depth study of “The Rebound stroke” is somewhat elusive for most drummers. It is something that has been studied exclusively with technical gurus in the U.S. These studies take 2 or 3 years to master. The system is very detailed, and here we learn from the first step. I am giving the method in a compact, comprehensive format you can use to learn at your own personal pace. Explaining in detail with a system that I call “Motions”- The whole video series covers:
  1. Grip
  2. Bounce Exersice
  3. Double strokes
  4. 5 stroke
  5. six stroke and beyond
  6. Paradiddle
  7. Paradiddle Diddle
  8. Flams
  9. Swiss Triplets
  10. Single stroke
  11. Morphing rudiments


Soloing conceptsSoloing Concepts
For years now I have been getting lots of questions about soloing. How to solo. What makes a good solo. What is a “Musical” solo…. So here I am tackling these issues. This subject might merit a part 2 because its a huge topic. A great drummer can play great solos… but also bad solos. What makes a solo great? It is a question of musicianship more then chops. Chops need structure. They need a format. Like language has. Language has a massive amount of structure and rules! Drumming is a language. And to be in touch with the many aspects of soloing is like learning musical grammar. We have all heard the “Amazing Chops fest” that bored us to tears right? Well…the elements discussed here will help you avoid being the guy that does that!

The Musical DrummerThe Musical Drummer
I am sure you have heard that term used before. If not…When someone says “That drummer is really musical” – What do they mean? For those that haven’t explored this area we now have this section. Here we are going to discover the meaning by analyzing musical structure and the very important effect the understanding of musical structure has in music and your drumming.

My approach to latin jazz
My Approach to Latin Jazz
“My Approach to Latin Jazz” – I know thats a very general statement. But there are things that are common threads in all the possible styles you can play in a “Latin Jazz” way – And the main one…is musicality and phrasing.

Augmentatoin and Diminution
Augmentation and Diminution
This clip explains the concept used widely by percussion masters of India! An under estimated but most powerful and useful tool to have in your playing. By knowing this concept you can expand you vocabulary immediately. Using “rhythm”! No study of phrasing is complete with knowing this! When i first came across this concept I was blown away by the possibilities. The Great Ralph Humphrey was my first teacher for this. And then I went on to expand it with Masters from India. The title describes the concept pretty well but, until someone shows you the full potential of this it can go basically undiscovered!

Live Performances

Live Performances
In this section we feature behind the scenes footage of my gigs. Get a glimpse of stuff not many people get to see. Life on the road. Drummers perspective of concerts, and of course lots of footage from gigs.

Players Interviews

Players Interviews

This section is dedicated to all wonderful musicians I know. All the interviews here are done exclusively for the members of this site. On occasion I will post one for the general public to give folks a taste of what we have here. In the interviews players tell us all they can about what I ask them, with  open hearts and with the purpose of passing on information that is very valuable.

Updated on a regular basis, we will have lots of great stuff here!

69f4027c whatsapp

Skype / Whatsapp and Email support! Plus video reviews of your Playing! 

This is one of the only sites that offers you support at this level. The usual deal is some drummer comes in, does an hour or 2 lesson on whatever subject they choose. But there is no follow up with that artist, no personalized feedback and no lesson plan. THIS site is one of the only ones that offers that. And it is done with the highest regards for your future as a player. You will not be left alone to “figure things out” if you have questions. When you are part of this site the team is here for you. And I value every player that believes in the site enough to study with me.

Skype) Through Skype we do reviews of what you are working on live!

Whatsapp) On this service I can see to your questions if you don’t have access to Skype. We have voice and chat options.

E-mail) Through email we address specific questions in a more relaxed setting. You can really think on your questions and get responses you can save for keeping a log.

Video reviews

Video Reviews

If you send videos of yourself playing the material you get personalized reviews PLUS lesson plans to keep you on track! I am a true believer in the apprenticeship aspects of learning and do my very best to make that a part of your membership. Your videos can be uploaded onto youtube in a private link or on to our own page if you like and I will never share it unless you want me too. Having videos reviews is a great asset for the member because it really helps me to guide you in the best way possible when I see you play.