• Phil Maturano Lessons

    For an overview of what we have featured on the site and to find out about additional benefits of being a member click through the slide show

  • Paraddidles and the Magic Sticking

    "Paraddidles and the Magic Sticking" - This very useful series is now complete! Video and extensive PDF exercises! Based on my time in India playing with some of that countries most amazing percussionists! Study Tabla, and Kanjira phrasing and apply it on the drumset like never before!!

  • At Home Everywhere CD cover

    The new CD is ready to go!! All Members of the lessons site get all my music as part of the membership! Got your copy yet?

  • Inner Clock 2

    Inner Clock 2 - The Ultimate play along method! Its not just play alongs to random songs. It's a true Interactive Play Along Method:

  • Interviews with top players

    With interviews from top working professionals you will gain insight into the world of music and learn how to accomplish your drumming and musical goals.

  • Jazz 101

    Jazz 101 is a video series that deals with learning the basics of Jazz. How to generate the time, and getting your feels at different tempos together. You also have PDF handouts to work on Independence exercises. From level from 0 to 100. A very complete video series to get you up and running with the basics!

  • Ic2 Theory

    Inner Clock 2 is the first method ever that investigates time and feel on deep level. Beyond the metronome. There is the world of the "Inner Clock"

  • Time Interaction

    Inner Clock 2 is the most profound exploration of time for musicians to date. Did you think is was just about playing with a metronome? Oh no! Join us and find out the latest concepts of time!

  • Beginners Corner

    Beginners corner is a section of the site for folks just starting out or those getting back into things after a long hiatus. Here we cover the very basics of the kit. Essential basic independence that I recommend to get you up and running!

  • The Left Foot Clave Handbook is a groundbreaking method that explores vocabulary and phrasing of Afro Cuban music. One of the unique programs on the site! With extensive video series to accompany the book, this method covers an area of drumming rarely studied!

  • Live performances

    As a member you will have access to all video recorded at my live performances. Watching actual concerts and clinics is a great way to see the methods used on the site, in action!!

  • How to Practice

    Do you know how to practice? Have you ever wondered exactly HOW to practice. Most of the time I see players just “wing it”. But practicing is a life long endeavor and serious business. It cannot be left to chance. If it’s disorganized you will suffer practice burn out, waste precious studio time that you might be paying for! And of course you could be wasting your own time!! If you are serious about practicing then you need a system that will organize your thoughts as well as your material.

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Phil Maturano lessons uses the most innovative learning techniques and methods. Why? Because Phil Maturano is a unique instructor. With a massive worldwide clinic tour background and staff positions in some of the most prestigious drum schools in the world, Phil brings you insights into drumming like no one else can! No other online drum program has the specialized background that this site has. And with a growing list of actual "working pros" as guest artists from around the world, the information presented here will get you where you want to go in the best possible way! The way the pros do it! We care for each student as an individual and are proud to have a part in your progress.

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