Elite Program

The elite program is meant for people the serious about their passion for drumming.

You will have 3 hours a day with me online for an entire week! I will guide you through the entire site. I will watch you play. We will work on the material from the site together. We will work on a study program for the whole year you are a member and I will guide you on all the steps you need to take to reach your drumming goals.

Why the price? The fees to study with me privately = $100.00 US Per hour
My online sessions that last two hours are $274.00
3 hours a day for a week (7 days) = using a private lesson as the cost base is $2100.00 US
Cost of Elite Course $1900.00 US plus you get a full years membership on the site with full access to all my material. $200.00 US – You are saving $400.00 US by doing it this way. PLus you have access to me no matter where you are in the world.

This is a unique study situation which has been brought about by the advent of the amazing technology we now have at our disposal. Something that has never existed before, saving you the additional cost of being in the most expensive city in the world New York. When you add in the costs for travel and other expenses your savings are more then tripled. So the value you get from this program is truly astounding.

What you need
You will need to have drums set up where I can see you play on camera. A simple phone will do as camera. Ipad of computer as long as the sound is decent and you have a fast wifi connection.

The site has a whole new look!

I have been working hard on updating the look and feel of the site. I think its much more efficient this way. Especially for mobile users. Loads faster and less cluttered. Enjoy! 🙂

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