The discipline of Drumming

Drumming is such a fantastic art form. It changes you as a person. Gives you self discipline and direction. In many cases it gives you purpose, if you decide to make it your life. When drumming is in your life the benefits have a much wider scope then one initially imagines. Health and happiness benefit from playing. But what really can benefit… “if” you have the right people around you, is the betterment of what is known as the spirit. The soul. If you humble yourself and allow rhythm to take over the greater purpose of your existence it is life altering. It can open the mind and one can see things that you may not have seen before. Consider the act of drumming as something you do to reach the highest point of humanity…then to transcend that. Each exercise is like a meditation. Each day spent on the kit a blessing. Every ounce of energy put into the journey of drumming is transformative. IF …you have the right people around you. There is no guru…there is no teacher / student. Only beings on different parts of the journey. The journey of drumming is what we share. The music is the fruit. The discipline of drumming…a gift that is only for you, to keep forever.


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