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Drumming is such a fantastic art form. It changes you as a person. Gives you self discipline and direction. In many cases it gives you purpose, if you decide to make it your life. When drumming is in your life the benefits have a much wider scope then one initially imagines. Health and happiness benefit […]
I have been working hard on updating the look and feel of the site. I think its much more efficient this way. Especially for mobile users. Loads faster and less cluttered. Enjoy! 🙂
My most popular method “Working the Inner Clock part 2” is now available as a stand alone product! It’s really a major part of the lessons site with a massive video section, play alongs and charts! To read reviews about it go here… And here you can see some previews of the method Now […]
The spiritual side of drummingAs you may or may not know, Drumming has been part of rituals in many cultures throughout human history. In some cultures it’s been more prevalent then others. And those that had an incredibly strong connection to drumming still have it to this day. Cuba, Brazil, many countries in Africa,  contain […]
3 Day Pass Phil Maturano Lessons
It’s finally here! After many requests we are making a special weekend pass for those that are curious about studying online and want to try it before committing to the full program! For 3 days you will have access to the entire site including full support and evaluation from me. It says 3 day weekend […]
It’s the Annual “Sponsor a Drummer” drive on my drum lessons site! You can help a young drummer with dreams of learning how to play by purchasing a monthly, quarterly or yearly membership for them. The membership will go to a very deserving young person who doesnt have the financial resources to study at a […]
NEW INTERVIEW!! Hi everyone. I have and great video for you with Pianist Dan Tepfer from New York. Together we on an amazing harmonic journey into rhythm, music and science. Originally I produced this exclusively for the members of my lessons site. But I feel the content is too important to music and must be […]
Phil Maturano : Ballad Won
Ballad Won From my latest project. “Phil Maturano – New York Sessions” Whats in a name? Whats in a title… I am no expert in long-term relationships. I’m not perfect with those things. I am an expert in feeling heartbroken when things don’t end well. Maybe all of us are. Yes this is a Ballad. […]
NEW TUNE From my latest CD! “Phil Maturano – New York Sessions” Alone Together. India has been a huge influence in my musical life. I really appreciated Indian music after spending a year and a half there. In this tune I apply some of those concepts in Jazz. We are playing the tune is in […]
Hi everyone! Our series “Jazz 101” continues! And in the issue of Drums and Percussion magazine we have the next episode “The Bass Player is Your Friend” – Where top players from New York give us advice and things to consider if you are just getting started in Jazz! I really like this one since […]
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