An everyday practice routine that will produce incredible results!
 Joe Porcaro – Drumming legend

This is the only method I have seen where the songs have an actual purpose besides just being cool songs to play along with.
Tim Pederson – Director of P.I.T (LA)

Itʼs not easy turning exercises into music, but Phil has managed that with amazing tunes that are lots of fun to play!
Manni Von Bohr – Drums & Percussion magazine (DE)

A great idea! All my private students use it.
Ralph Humphrey – Director of curriculum – LAMA

This method brings together three important areas; Technique, Styles and Reading. These areas will show rapid improvement.
Steve Houghton – Master teacher

A great way to work on phrasing!
Clayton Cameron – Brush master

Just in! This review of IC2 by drummer Rony Afif!
Thank you for IC2!!! I think this stuff is revolutionary, I love the way you explained on internalizing time… So far through my years of playing I never went beyond the vocal element and the metronome and totally true that time manifests itself differently on the band stand which caused/causes loads of frustration! Definitely loads to work on! Thank you again!
Rhythm & Peace

Rony Afif – Drummer / Dubai

Working the Inner Clock is now used by Drummers and educators the world over.
At: PIT, LAMA, Drummers Institute, Berklee, Drummers Collective, Drum Factory. Lots more too!