The artist inside – A personal note

There is a time to post cats on Facebook. A time to post dogs. A time to post your band and promote your music or whatever it is you do. But please folks…Make time to create and spread awareness of the things that are happening around the world. The things that are unjust and brutal. Find some space on your pages to make an album of the things that concern you as a human being. Try to get your friends to think about what is going on right now. Because if you don’t…history will repeat itself! Look at history! Take your eyes off the girl that posts 1000 selfies a week and look at what is going on around you. WE as a species have never had a medium such as the internet to spread news and communicate like this! I have been around many many young students lately and the use of internet seems to be like sneezing. Its there, its always been there…taken for granted. That is amazing to me. If anyone remembers dial up you know what i mean.
Make an effort to reach our next evolution. Protect animals from needless suffering. Dont let people make money off of your illnesses and misfortune. Stop wars and racism! Make our species take the next step in evolution. We will probably not feel the effects of our efforts in our lifetime. Seek to eliminate the need for money from our lives! Someone down the road will benefit from efforts made today. But imagine if no one before us did anything to stop the injustices of yesterday. Where would we be?? All it takes is a little effort a day from everyone to create a snowball effect on culture!

I know many of my friends here think the same way so i don’t mean to preach to the Choir! Haha…But if there is a way we can all work together to make the next step happen we better figure out how and fast.

I can have the attitude…that well…I will probably be dead in a few years anyway so who cares…Live my life, travel and do my thing. Which many times…I just want to fall into because i’m sick and tired of all the crap! But then I see some injustice somewhere and it makes my blood BOIL! Especially when it comes to animal injustice. Human beings have no excuse for ignorant behavior and will always find excuses to kill one another. But animals have nothing to do with that!
Final note…Just see what they are doing in Palistine now while the Soccer BS is going on. Its almost as if it were on cue! And this is not the only place were atrocities are being committed on OUR watch on planet Earth!

Anyway…Rant over.
Help the world … All humans need you. Not the normal you….The artist inside you!!