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Timbal sticks on Drumkit
Yes the time has come to play that first Salsa gig and you have to decide which sticks to use! Well….after doing hundreds of salsa gigs in my career I can tell you that timbal sticks are going to sound better on the bells. The body strokes are fuller sounding and it makes a whole […]
Being a drummer puts you in the position of having a great opportunity. Once you reach a certain level in your playing, once all basic fancy independence is done (Which takes many years) the next step, especially if you want to work in a wide variety of genres, is to basically be a field researcher. Like […]
Phil Maturano
Being great at rudiments does not make you a great drummer. It makes you great at rudiments. Playing “Drumset” is not the same as playing snare in a line. It’s a different mindset. Waayyy different and especially when it comes to world music. Why am I mentioning this? Because I see this trend lately in […]
Drumming is a lifetslye
Good morning. Today I am being sent lots of videos from random drummers around the world to critique.  My thoughts are… 1) Copying drummers from the USA 100% is a bad idea if you do not live there. Use your own culture (Especially cats from India) to add your own unique voice to your drumming. I […]
The 4 time interaction points are featured here and it is a representation of how the body interacts with time in music.
Greetings. At this very moment I’m writing to you from Germany.  I’m about to do a series of  performances at some big events at the moment. Which should be a lot of fun. But, there is a reason I point this out. It’s because I have taken an extended hiatus off the kit to produce […]
Building a Drum solo
Soloing Concepts For years now I have been getting lots of questions about soloing. How to solo. What makes a good solo. What is a “Musical” solo…. So here I am tackling these issues. A great drummer can play great solos… but also bad solos. What makes a solo great? It is a question of […]
drums are life
A question that is becoming common in my inbox is “What can I do to get my drumming career started” And here’s my answer for everyone. Those who have graduated from very expensive colleges and those who have never gone to college at all. Essential A most important thing would be to continually keep studying. […]
Got technique? Got groove? Got concept? I have been receiving lots of questions lately about how to get to the point where you can play lots of gigs! So…one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is. “Take care of Music and Music will take care of you”. And what exactly do […]
Me and Mark Schulman
The NAMM show is a giant music merchants expo in Anaheim California, for those of you who didn’t know what it was. It attracts lots of musicians from all over the world. Its great for socializing, networking, doing business and meeting old and new friends. For the merchants is a place to show new gear […]
El Razonamiento y Porque de los Platos
El Razonamiento y porque de Platos New York en el mundo de musicos es sinonomo con JAZZ. Y para hacerla alla en Jazz, ademas de muchas otras cosas, tenes que tener un concepto muy solido de el porque de los platos. La funcion de cada plato, y como se usan en la estructura de la […]
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