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I have been getting lots of strange questions lately. Maybe its a sign of the times. People are a bit worried about the future maybe. Students have never asked me these types of questions straight out before. For example, “How do you get to make a living with drums!” Even though times have changed in […]
Roy Mc Curdy and Phil Maturano
It goes without saying that the right teacher changes your life in drumming. Finding this teacher is one of the most important things you can do in your drumming life. Now…being self taught is something that many take pride in announcing. However, i just don’t think that is possible. If you have ever heard another […]
Your Value as an artist
This blog is dedicated to all the people who have written me, that are going through this problem. It seems to be a constant in many situations.  Maybe you find this hard to believe, but when i was much younger, it was hard for me to understand my value as an artist. I had people […]
You and I as musicians have a problem….. If you have ever hit a sweet spot in music, where everything flows out of you like water, or if you have ever had an out of body experience while playing, If you have ever had a night that was so great you get off the kit […]
There comes a time when the body reaches its limits. When the mind will shut down on you and there is nothing you can do about it. When you feel this wall…It’s time to back down. Now I’m not talking about when you are feeling kind of tired. Sleepy. Rather lethargic and with no feeling […]
If you are a drummer, you are part of collective dream that we drummers share.  As a kid, the magic of how the hi hat pedal worked, the smell of a drum on the inside, the faces of drummers as they play, the feeling of hearing someone live with a deep beautiful pocket, these make […]
Compact Monitors and Phil Maturano
Hi folks! I decided to do some video blogs to make it more fun for everyone. The Inner Clock 2 system uses play along tracks designed specifically to work different areas of your drumming. Rhythmic ability, musicality, reading and many other areas. The tracks in the system are not random. They are all written with […]
Funk kit set up
Recently I have taken on the challenge of remaking (as much as possible) my drumming vocabulary. Cleaning out the vocabulary closet one might say. Making new stuff, being creative with stuff I already know and twisting everything around as much as possible. Including my body! My set up. My mind, creativity etc. Pushing everything to […]
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