The problem is you think you have time!

Funk kit set up

Recently I have taken on the challenge of remaking (as much as possible) my drumming vocabulary. Cleaning out the vocabulary closet one might say. Making new stuff, being creative with stuff I already know and twisting everything around as much as possible. Including my body! My set up. My mind, creativity etc. Pushing everything to the limits of what is possible. Of course there have been several walls hit already, but that doesn’t stop the quest. I like to do this every once in a while to keep things fresh!!

In all the excitement of the process, it’s always important to remember the nuts and bolts! The thing that was most strongly reiterated in this whole thing was …the need for a “Practice Schedule” and the knowledge of how to practice! Why? Because there are not enough hours in the day, days in the week and weeks in the years and on and on….to learn everything i want to learn. In order to really maximize the time behind the kit, and making what I am working on playable┬áin music as soon as possible, you have to have a very thorough understanding of how to LEARN. How the body works when absorbing new material. How the mind responds to new information, control of the mind and body. Care of the body when practicing and a few more very important things.

I can tell you…if you are on a heavy practice schedule like I am at the moment, and you are NOT using a very highly detailed program to achieve your goals…You are WASTING time. Badly!!

I have found that most cats that are not using a system “Think they have all the time in the world” to work on stuff. And they don’t realize the magnitude of drumming!




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