New Video from IC2 Performance section!!

OK Folks! Here we go with more performance video from….. ” Inner Clock 2″
You can download the play along, Chart and Lesson video here on the membership website!
This tune deals with 16th note work. As we ease into 16th note work in this tune you will be catching 2 main figures. On the “Duh” of 4 and on the “e” of 1. Watch the video to see how this sounds. You pretty much groove through this whole tune and its lots of fun. You should notice that you are playing with a sequenced drum track in this. The more of these types of gigs I do the more I realize the importance of being able to lock in with a sequence like this. Your goal with the sequence should be to exactly on top of it so that the sequenced drums disappear.

Genre = Chill out shuffle.

Inner Clock Work
*Sections figures
*Ensemble Figures
*Lock in with the sequenced Drum track
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