Building a drum solo

Building a Drum solo

Soloing Concepts
For years now I have been getting lots of questions about soloing. How to solo. What makes a good solo. What is a “Musical” solo…. So here I am tackling these issues. A great drummer can play great solos… but also bad solos. What makes a solo great? It is a question of musicianship more then chops. Chops need structure. They need a format. Like language has. Language has a massive amount of structure and rules! Drumming is a language. And to be in touch with the many aspects of soloing is like learning musical grammer. We have all heard the “Amazing Chops fest” that bored us to tears right? Well…the elements discussed here in this online lessons will help you avoid being the guy that does that!

A basic element you are going to need is knowledge of improvisation. But to really make it happen you will need “Soloing concepts” – Yes, there is much talk about chops and technique and all the stuff on the surface. But rarely will anyone talk about concept. Why? Because thats a more involved and explanation and you need someone who is good at teaching for that. I was very very fortunate in that I had amazing teachers who to this day continue to inspire me. One of the most valuable things they taught me was the value of concept. Without one you will just sound random, disorganized and immature.  Take time to listen to the great soloists. But also make sure you understand the tools they are using to create the magic! Wanna know more? Join us today and watch the video with an in depth look at how to build your solos! Get the tools you need now and stop leaving things to chance!

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