Thinking ahead

Full Latin Kit set up

Let us take a moment to think way ahead. Way ahead to the future where the self you don’t know yet waits for you. What do you have the day everything is done? The final day on earth? What is the one thing no one can take from you ever? For drummers…you will have what you put into your hands, body and mind. You will have what you exposed yourself to during the study time you had. That day…What do you say to those around you who believed in you when no one else did? What will you say to yourself…when the time comes to face the truth of the life you have lived? Will you say you had second rate information from people with no experience playing in the real world, because they had a cool website? Or will you say you took your drumming and music as far as it could possibly go? With the best information you could obtain. If you go with the cool website guy will you accept that the musical concepts and exercises you put into your body came from unintentionally derivative methods and not the original thinkers and masters of the instrument you love the most? But from a youtube guy with stick twirling ability and good SEO skills? What will you say to those closest to you if you can’t make a living in drumming because you have not had the proper training? The proper guides and people that were truly on your side? Who will give you the tools you need to survive in the real word of drumming today? Giving you the CORRECT information, coming from decades of experience in those fields. Hint…it wont be a guy with a real cool website with lots of bells and whistles. It will be from cats with tons of playing experience with the best musicians in the world. From cats with tons of teaching experience in the FLESH. At top music schools around the world.  Not computer expert guys who can get lots of views on their youtube page with flashy titles and metatags.

If you take a second to notice….the best teachers are those who truly put the time into their craft. Not HTML.

This is the world we live in today. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and a host of other things. Full of people willing to show you whatever you want…even if they have no idea what they are talking about.

What you do today will reflect in your future. The choices you make today will determine how you sound in a month, a year or 10 years from now. The seeds of drumming that you plant in your mind and body will come out sooner or later! What seeds are you planting? Weeds? Or….

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Lets face it. Getting the correct information can save you lots of time. And wrong information can cost you your reputation and that in turn…hurt your wallet!! Get it right the from the beginning! Join us!



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