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Building a Drum solo
Soloing Concepts For years now I have been getting lots of questions about soloing. How to solo. What makes a good solo. What is a “Musical” solo…. So here I am tackling these issues. A great drummer can play great solos… but also bad solos. What makes a solo great? It is a question of […]
Someone say cowbells Gon bops bells kiillllin
Bells bells bells! I cant get enough of those bells! This next workshop deals with…The famous and wonderfully colorful sound of the cowbell. Learning the function of bells is a very important step in your journey into Latin music. In the U.S. some people call them cowbells.  “Campana” as it is known in the Latin […]
Bell set up 1
 Contra Campana  Greetings to all and welcome to our next workshop. We explored some basics of the Bongo or Coro bell on the drumset. Now lets get another pattern together. This pattern is played on what is called “Contra Campana” . It is also known  as the “Mambo bell” or Timbal bell. Some explanation of […]
Full Circle So…if you have been following my path at all with the latest project- IC2, you know that it is coming to a close. Its now June 2013…so many things have happened since the beginning of the project. I have learned so much about so many things in the 3 year process of production. […]
Coro Bell Mounted on BD
HI Folks!! In this next workshop we will focus on a few different things. A) Basic Coro / Bongo Bell patterns. B) Learning a few new terms that will help you function in an ensemble. C) Basic independence with the Coro bell. [fancy_link link=”www.gonbops.com” variation=”orange”]Gonbops Percussion[/fancy_link] Just to review, the Coro bell, AKA Bongo bell, […]
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