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Phil Maturano - New York Sessions
I am very excited to present the first video from my new project. “Phil Maturano – New York Sessions” The cats played so well and I am very happy. I can’t begin to name everyone involved in making this new music happen. But one person in particular Francesco Desmaele who is my bratha from another […]
Phil Maturano and Odery DrumsPhil Maturano and Odery Drums
Hi everyone! By now you probably know. I have started a new relationship with a company that is very dear to me. Odery Drums. To see all about them please go here. [fancy_link link=”” variation=”green”]Odery Drums[/fancy_link] The Drums are designed in Brazil. I think that is an important thing because Brazil is one of the […]
Phil Maturano - NY Sessions
Greetings to all. Another really big project for me has finally come to fruition. My new project is finally coming to reality and we are now in the mixing, mastering and video editing stages! Wait…did you say video editing? Ohhh yes! This whole CD is on Video!!! I refused to do a new collection of […]
After lots of thinking, talking back and forth to my good friend Rich Mangicaro…And much more thinking…. I am now playing Innovative Drum Sticks. I did not take the decision lightly. I had been with my former company for nearly 25 years. Since then many things have happened. I have grown. Innovative Percussion has grown. […]
Phil Maturano cover "Bateristas al Sur"
What a great tour its been! In the last few months I been in Italy on a huge clinic tour and made it all the way to Argentina to finish up the 2014 international tour with my band and lots of clinics in South America. On top of the new CD being released‚Ķanother really fantastic […]
At Home Everywhere
Hello Dear ¬†friends. I am so happy to present to you finally the new CD! All the people who are buying it…I truly appreciate your support. It means a lot to me. That you take the time and listen to these amazing cats I have on the CD makes me happy. Everything that went into […]
I am very happy and honored to be part of the Sabian cymbal company. They are always so kind with me and support everything I do. Especially in searching for the right sounds!! Today I am featured on the home page in anticipation of the release of my latest CD “At Home Everywhere” – My […]
Full Circle So…if you have been following my path at all with the latest project- IC2, you know that it is coming to a close. Its now June 2013…so many things have happened since the beginning of the project. I have learned so much about so many things in the 3 year process of production. […]
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