At Home Everywhere

Hello Dear  friends. I am so happy to present to you finally the new CD! All the people who are buying it…I truly appreciate your support. It means a lot to me. That you take the time and listen to these amazing cats I have on the CD makes me happy. Everything that went into this was done from the heart. From the creation of my Jazz ride series by SABIAN to my bratha and friend Francesco Desmaele working so hard to help me finish this, to everyone else involved that put their tremendous talent and effort in to it. If you want to check it out, here it is…

At Home Everywhere

This is one of the best things I have done this year. Is there a happy face emoticon in WordPress? 🙂

I guess so!

If you want to check it out please go here …

[button link=”” size=”medium” variation=”olive” align=”center”]At Home Everywhere[/button]

In that link you will find all the info on the CD and how do buy it.

Many greetings to all and I hope you enjoy the music

All the best


At Home Everywhere- inside
At Home Everywhere – inside cover

And by the way…for the drummers out there, here are the links to the day we created the cymbals just so you can see the whole process. Day 1 and Day 2. They were such an integral part of the writing and sound of the CD that I feel i should really give credit to the instruments for the inspiration.

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