The First Video from the New CD is up! “Phil Maturano- New York Sessions”

I am very excited to present the first video from my new project.
“Phil Maturano – New York Sessions”
The cats played so well and I am very happy. I can’t begin to name everyone involved in making this new music happen. But one person in particular Francesco Desmaele who is my bratha from another motha’, friend and producer is one of them. It’s a wonderful time for me since so many things are happening! There is lots more to come! You will be able to buy the entire CD on my website

African Drummer

You can help support the project by buying the CD in advanced and getting lots of prizes on my lessons site! Like the entire year program for only 100 bucks! The Quarterly Membership for 50 bucks and the monthly membership for only 19 bucks!!
Here are some real easy options that I hope will be useful.

[one_third]Monthly Membership

[one_third]Quarterly membership

[one_third_last]Year Program


Those are awesome deals and we really appreciate everyone that supports the project.Once you make your choice Please write me with a user name and password you would like to use and I will set up your account on the site. All my CD’s are included on the site! See you inside!
Many hugs to all.

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