Timbal Sticks on Drumset

Yes the time has come to play that first Salsa gig and you have to decide which sticks to use! Well….after doing hundreds of salsa gigs in my career I can tell you that timbal sticks are going to sound better on the bells. The body strokes are fuller sounding and it makes a whole lot of different believe it or not. When people want to hear every single note from the bell, especially dancers, it makes sense that the timbal stick tip will provide a fuller sound. The next step would be to select which ones you will use! I use the 1/2″ model from Regal tip because the length is perfect for me. And the weight distribution as well. Since it’s a bit thicker then a regular stick it also has a bigger sound on the rest of the kit. However…the cymbals will sound very Salsa specific if you use these sticks. You won’t have the bead for rebound and more finesse if you need it. Further more, if you are used to a little less weight on the top end you might have to give yourself time to adjust the feel.

These sticks also put me in the mood to play salsa! Which effects my vocabulary and in turn the music. It might be all in my brain haha…but i like it the way i like using trad grip for Jazz. Gives me the Jazz Vibe” if you will.

Anyway you can see more about these sticks on the Regaltip website.

[fancy_link link=”http://www.regaltip.com/products/specialty/world-percussion/1-2-timbale” variation=”green”]Phil’s Timbal stick model[/fancy_link]


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