What really makes you a better player?

The Left Foot clave Video Series

Do you want to improve your all around drumming skills? What is it that really makes you improve? Is it faster hands? Faster feet? More technique? Well…After teaching 1000’s of drummers across the globe, I can tell you that many many people have great technique, great hands and feet, as fast as anyone I have seen. But put them in a band and …well you can imagine… it’s NOT the most musical thing you have ever heard.  Also improvisational skills are seriously lacking in concept and depth of vocabulary. Many times all you hear is binary language and very basic phrasing concepts. Not to mention a lack of structural form and depth of expression. If you have been following my new video series, you might be asking yourself…What has this got to do with left foot clave studies? Clave studies or as I like to call it, “Time line reference studies” is probably the most important way to study drumming. Clave studies does not mean only having independence to do the clave with your foot and play a fancy beat over it. It means studying rhythm in the deepest way. It offers a huge return in rhythmic understanding and phrasing possibilities. It opens the mystery of african phrasing and gives it to you in a most satisfying way! Through this study you gain independence and incredible control yes! But, the bigger purpose is the understanding of how to access vocabulary used by the great masters of drumming. Your sense of rhythm will expand to a level that you never thought possible. And you can apply this vocabulary to all other genres of music when you know how! Achieving a unique voice in drumming can make your career happen. Actually…it is probably the defining factor for your success as a musician. Do you want to be stuck in a binary language world? Or access one of the most beautiful ways to approach phrasing there is?

Even if you never want to play Afro Cuban music, this way of studying is rhythmically highly beneficial. Why? Because it will teach you how rhythm functions. How to manipulate it to the benefit of your music. You will be in synch with how it works and not be its slave. In my humble opinion after traveling to some of the worlds drumming Meccas like India and south America…Musicians in the west are FAR behind in the study of rhythm. There is a huge concentration in drumming pedagogy on patterns, technique for hands and feet etc etc. But it is baffling to me to see the huge gapping absence of rhythmic study. Rhythm is the drummers realm, in a way that other instruments do not have access to. Drumming is almost a whole other monster when it comes to how it functions in music and especially in genres that are highly sophisticated rhythmically!

Now I dont want to use the blog directly for pushing people to join the member site. But i do want to point out that no where is this system offered the way it is presented here.  It took me years and years to develop this system. Specifically for the contemporary drumset player. Join us and check it out!




I sincerely hope you enjoy this work and know that for me and everyone that does it…It is a true labor of love. It wont be easy and it’s a long term commitment in your drumming life. But there is one thing I can assure you…is that it’s worth every drop of sweat and every effort you make at the kit.

Many Kind regards

Phil Maturano


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