What I re-learned at NAMM show 2015

Me and Mark Schulman

The NAMM show is a giant music merchants expo in Anaheim California, for those of you who didn’t know what it was. It attracts lots of musicians from all over the world. Its great for socializing, networking, doing business and meeting old and new friends. For the merchants is a place to show new gear and make business deals.

So what did I “re-learn” at this years NAMM show?

That above all…high above all…Kindness, compassion and the simple act of listening is a most valuable thing. To really connect in that moment and have a nice conversation is a skill. That your friends will stick by you while others that need A LOT of attention will try to get it however they can and its best to steer clear of them. Kindness…and listening. A beautiful thing.

This blog entry is very simple but a very important one. Since most of music is a communal art form. We are all going die. There is no need to inflate yourself and believe one person is better then the other.

Peace and great playing this new year!




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