Me and Mark Schulman
The NAMM show is a giant music merchants expo in Anaheim California, for those of you who didn’t know what it was. It attracts lots of musicians from all over the world. Its great for socializing, networking, doing business and meeting old and new friends. For the merchants is a place to show new gear […]
El Razonamiento y Porque de los Platos
El Razonamiento y porque de Platos New York en el mundo de musicos es sinonomo con JAZZ. Y para hacerla alla en Jazz, ademas de muchas otras cosas, tenes que tener un concepto muy solido de el porque de los platos. La funcion de cada plato, y como se usan en la estructura de la […]
Phil Maturano cover "Bateristas al Sur"
What a great tour its been! In the last few months I been in Italy on a huge clinic tour and made it all the way to Argentina to finish up the 2014 international tour with my band and lots of clinics in South America. On top of the new CD being released‚Ķanother really fantastic […]
At Home Everywhere
Hello Dear ¬†friends. I am so happy to present to you finally the new CD! All the people who are buying it…I truly appreciate your support. It means a lot to me. That you take the time and listen to these amazing cats I have on the CD makes me happy. Everything that went into […]
There are few things in life that can compare to finishing a project near and dear to you. Seeing it through all phases of creation. All the setbacks. And finally having it done. Out there and ready to take part in the sonic or visual landscape of the world. Most of us have probably had […]
Ok folks, since this seems to be the most popular option at the moment I am extending the “Yearly Membership” offer to the folks on my mailing list for a few more days! Don’t miss this chance to study with me and use all the latest methods to get your playing to the next level!! […]
Yeah folks! I been very busy here in Argentina, taking the time to edit all the video i shot in Italy for the lessons site. We have the great video series I been wanting to start for a while now “Jazz 101” Featuring my custom Jazz series cymbals from Sabian! Also a wonderful system I […]
I am very happy and honored to be part of the Sabian cymbal company. They are always so kind with me and support everything I do. Especially in searching for the right sounds!! Today I am featured on the home page in anticipation of the release of my latest CD “At Home Everywhere” – My […]
As you may or may not know, in 2014 I had an extended stay in India. I was there doing concerts with some of the greatest players from that country and teaching western drumming at a music college. Being in India was truly a life changing experience. Although playing and teaching got me there, one […]
Chapter 3
Burn that bridge I did a master class about career management recently. In the first hour of this master class I asked students to get up and actually run the class. One by one I asked them to come up and imagine how they would run the class, ask questions, make a master plan for […]
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