“Paradiddles and the Magic Sticking” series complete!!

As you all know by now, my 2014 Was spent almost entirely in India. Learning about Konokol, doing great concerts with Master classical musicians from that country and teaching at the best music conservatory in that region. But what I am most proud of is the completion of my new book and video series “Paradiddles and the Magic Sticking” –  Based on the beautiful phrasing of Tabla, Kanjira and other indian percussion. 

Indian classical music has always fascinated me. Especially the phrasing of Tabla. When I was a student myself, two percussionists from India dressed in all white traditional Indian attire, came to visit my school to do a seminar. At the time I was baffled by what they were talking about. The verbalizations of Konokol seemed so strange and difficult. But then one of them told the story of a deer walking through the forest, searching for food. It came upon a scent and started to follow it. But in his path was a huge tree branch that had fallen from the dense forest trees. The deer took some steps back and then jumped swiftly over the branch. OK… As he was telling us the story I wondered what this has to do with drumming since I was such a hard-core drummer nerd and student. But what he did next amazed me and continues to amaze me to this day. He played the story on the Tablas. It was so amazing because, through his playing,  I could see the deer, and i could see the forest, I then saw how he jumped over the huge branch. I could hear his footsteps on the forest floor through the rhythm. It was the most visually and rhythmically stunning experience I had heard at the time. Ever since then Indian classical music has fascinated me. Maybe now you can understand why my time in India was so personally important to me and why the completion of this book is so satisfying.

When I got to India I realized again that to study Konokol the correct way really takes many years. So like many other highly complex rhythmic systems it’s a journey. An adventure that will last throughout your lifetime. But in the meantime I’ve developed this system so that we as drumset players can begin to benefit from this phrasing.

In India the advent of the drum set is pretty new. There’s only a couple of guys in the whole country that have really done something special with the western drum set. Of course information is limited there and many things remain to be explored concerning applying call Konokol to the Western kit.  So if you want to be one of the first guys to really get into this issue I suggest you dive deep into my new method. It’s great because you can also apply it to jazz and many other genres of western music. I truly believe it can give you a unique voice and aid your technique.

In closing, here is a video you can watch to get some ideas of what you can do with all this phrasing. I recorded it with my iPhone six. It is pretty decent quality ….just messing around in the practice room.


But on my latest CD I also apply a lot of this type of stuff and it truly is a blast. Especially on this tune…The tune is in 3/4 then goes to 10/4. The drum solo section is in 10/4

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All the best
Phil Maturano


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