Phil Maturano cover Drumsetmag
Hi Folks! Some great news to start off 2017. We are on the cover of Drumset Mag from Italy! A great publication featuring some of the worlds top drummers and I am very honored to be in this issue. There is a video you can watch online about the interview, giving more detail about whats […]
Hi folks! I been getting lots of questions about Jazz phrasing and so I wanted to make available a part of the Jazz program I have. This mp3 is an additional part of the initial phrasing studies called “The 3 in Jazz” – Without this knowledge your phrasing will sound binary and stiff! This is […]
From what I have seen in this world…If you want to accomplish something…Talent…is less then 1% of any endeavor. Some people say 5% or 10%…Whatever. I think it’s a tiny fraction. What does matter? I’m sure you have heard it before. Will Power, Desire, Love for what you do, Passion, Persistence, belief in yourself despite […]
HI folks! Some really cool news. Brought to you by “Drums und Percussion” magazine in Germany. [button link=”” size=”medium” variation=”yellow” align=”center”]Drums und Percussion Magazine[/button] They have made available my latest series “Super Linear phrasing” available for everyone on their website. The workshop series and articles in this magazine propels it to my highest ranking and […]
2 and 4
Hi all! Here is a little something I put together for Drums and Percussion magazine in Germany some years back. How to play Songo with more open phrasing . Many people can play the pattern but few can improvise effectively. Especially if you haven’t done any gigs with the Songo. So here are some coordination […]
Early Bird / Frühbucherrabatt nur noch bis Donnerstag 24.03.´16 + 6 Stunden Drummers Intensive Day KOELN / Coaching mit Top Drummer Phil Maturano + 1 Monat Gratis Zugang zu PMLESSONS / Phil Maturano´s Online Teaching mit viel Arbeitsmaterial, Videos, Playalongs, Interviews, Möglichkeit von Phil persönlich unterrichtet zu werden und viel mehr… 66€ Sign up for […]
It’s funny how music reflects life in so many ways. The concept of “pocket” and “groove” – It is impossible to know every pocket in the world. You can only have a view that is distorted by the lens of the particular culture you are trapped in. When you are a serious researcher you will […]
Hi Folks. Here is something i think you might enjoy. It’s from a workshop I did for Drums and Percussion magazine in Germany some years ago! In this workshop you can see how some very interesting phrasing concepts work in Afro Cuban music. Enjoy!
Timbal sticks on Drumkit
Yes the time has come to play that first Salsa gig and you have to decide which sticks to use! Well….after doing hundreds of salsa gigs in my career I can tell you that timbal sticks are going to sound better on the bells. The body strokes are fuller sounding and it makes a whole […]
Being a drummer puts you in the position of having a great opportunity. Once you reach a certain level in your playing, once all basic fancy independence is done (Which takes many years) the next step, especially if you want to work in a wide variety of genres, is to basically be a field researcher. Like […]
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