What is Luck?

Are you a determinate or indeterminate optimist?  Maybe you are an indeterminate or determinate pessimist? It turns out both have their results and this is what we might know as luck! The reason I play drums and JAZZ drums on top of that…is because I was a determinate optimist. Anyone who plays Jazz in this time in history probably is as well.

My Proof of Determinate Optimism

I remember sitting in my practice room 20 years ago and in the middle of the session thinking on the words of certain people in my life who were SUPER discouraging about my choice of career and they were creating a ton of negativity in my “zone” haha. I remember saying “F” THAT! “I am burning my return home bridge” – “I’m going to sit here and do this and NOTHING else until I drop”. “I’m going to be the best I can possibly be or die trying.”  Ironically those that were trying to talk me out of what I loved doing gave me the intelligence to keep going. Of course now they say we are so proud of you haha! But at the time it was an awful struggle! I don’t forget the struggle. Determinate optimism at work! 


This grid you see here below is a a great way to see on paper (or in jpg ) what categories are available to you. All categories involve risk. There is no way to tell what your results will be as a musician (or business) But the great thing about this is that it puts things in front of you clearly. 

I present it because when I was a kid one of my teachers said “Whenever you have a problem, write it out on paper and hold it in front of you. It will make it easier to make decisions and find solutions” –   You will notice the sections have the mental dispositions available. All results differ and have a PRICE to pay! 

Sometimes life decides what your choice here will be, but hopefully you are in the position to decide. The result I had was from Determinate optimism but…What if I was an Indeterminate optimist? I would have probably had what is commonly known as “Plan B” – An alternate career waiting in the wings. In case I couldn’t make a living from Drumming. Even writing this last sentence right now makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in rebellion haha! So a “Plan B” was no way in hell going to be in the formula for me because I knew it was dangerous! A Plan B involves as you see in the grid “diversification” and I believe that is the path that leads away from your goal of being a musician.

The other choices are kind of mirrors…If you are a determinate pessimist …Maybe you could have great results! Because you KNOW that music as a career is hard as hell and getting worse! So you put every last ounce of energy into being the BEST you can be! While a determinate pessimist will say…I better have a plan B because this is ridiculous. While an indeterminate pessimist may flat out stop drumming. 

What does this have to do with Luck?

It seems to me that this is the foundation of luck! Luck….I don’t believe has had any play in my life whatsoever. Everything that has happened in my career that is good, happened because I made it through the worst times in my life and still kept playing and practicing. Not may people helped me at ALL! The ones who did I am extremely grateful for but mostly it was all on my OWN effort. Perhaps if I was a more smiley social guy things would have been different but…I am not great at that double talk and schmoozing thing. So that’s that. Coming to terms with your disposition is important so that you can progress in peace in your life. Not look back and saying “this guy was luckier then me” bla bla. All that is an utter waste of time. So think about this…it will help your career! It will help you know why you are a member of this site! You made a decision that most of the drumming world did not! You decided to gain the real knowledge it takes to become a pro! This site is something that could have NEVER existed a mere 10 years ago! It’s really incredible when I look at what it represents! Lets get to work!! Make your own luck!





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