The Lowest Hanging Fruit

From what I have seen in this world…If you want to accomplish something…Talent…is less then 1% of any endeavor. Some people say 5% or 10%…Whatever. I think it’s a tiny fraction. What does matter? I’m sure you have heard it before. Will Power, Desire, Love for what you do, Passion, Persistence, belief in yourself despite the most overwhelming road blocks and…A belief system. A belief that what you are doing is bigger then yourself. Something useful that will contribute to this world while also giving you a deep sense of fulfillment. Those are the true drivers. The true energy of any endeavour that’s worthwhile. Anything that’s worth doing won’t be easy. And the doing of that thing has to become your “life’s work” – The “doing” of that thing in daily life that should be the main focus of everyday. And it should come from a place of passion. Not drudgery. If it’s a drag to do it…You are out of Karma. It’s not for you. If you can’t be without doing that thing…It is for you.
That said now…outer circumstances can hold no influence over you. Every set back has to be turned into an opportunity to move forward. Your mind has to be protected from the mediocre thinking of others around you but also those outside your personal sphere of influence. The world is permeated with that. It can eat your soul. Your mind must be protected. If necessary, aggressively (Not violently.) This comes with a price. But well worth it if you can live the “daily doing” of that thing. If you are having setbacks in areas that have nothing to do with your “daily participation in your passion” you have to look at the circumstances that caused this. Whatever those circumstances are…change them immediately. If that means you have to go to the Moon or Mars or wherever to be able to change the circumstances then do THAT! Life is short. Don’t waste time. Don’t look for short cuts or ways out of what your heart tells you to do. Face whatever is getting in the way of your “daily doing” of your thing head on. I say this for myself more then anything.

Of course…Make every moment count and put the right things into yourself. That means have discipline. (Discipline means a study. Not a harsh punishment. That is a misinterpretation of that word.) And when you search for information on how to study and get better at what your doing..Seek out experience. Look for people who have actually “done” the thing and continue to do it. Don’t settle for what is popular. That will be the crumbs of greatness. Don’t settle for half measures or cheap! That will cost you dearly in the long run. Don’t settle for what is easily at reach. That will be the lowest hanging fruit. Anyone can access that and it can be peddled as essential knowledge by those who haven’t done the climb.

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