What will you do to make your drumming better today?

What will you do to make your drumming better today? There are tooo many drummers, too many musicians, (people who own instruments in general) too many photographers to many actors screenwriters painters poets too many comedians etc etc etc…But…The world is full of those that only have the concentration and power to skim the surface of things. 
I can tell you what there is not too many of…Those who seek to be the best and get the right information. And are ready to study for real! Those who put their lives into what they do for the purpose of the betterment of mankind. The world….chock full of mediocrity…aches for YOU to at least know the truth about something….so that you can be a deeper person. More appreciative of what it takes to do anything correctly with a deep discipline. I have seen enough of this world to know that these things are connected to the outer result of the physical world. If you think they are not…Just look around. I mean take a BIG look. Not just in your neighborhood.
A world that takes who we are and puts that to good use for this life can be created if we are willing to dig deep.  Yes there will be fear yes there will be hard times….BUT….the result is utterly beautiful.
We need that. The world is screaming for that!

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