Tons of new Material being added!!

Yeah folks! I been very busy here in Argentina, taking the time to edit all the video i shot in Italy for the lessons site.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 6.26.25 PM

We have the great video series I been wanting to start for a while now “Jazz 101” Featuring my custom Jazz series cymbals from Sabian!

Also a wonderful system I came up with after being in India for a total of 10 months!!! Inspired by the phrasing of Tabla and all Indian traditional percussion. “Paraddidles and the Magic Sticking” Video series has also started!! Don’t miss that!!!

Also “Beginners Corner” on the website where beginning players can get started is rolling along nicely! The “Shuffles Series” videos are almost complete!!

Tons of Independence work as well on PDF!!

I am very excited about all the updates and I know you will get tons of use out of it. All my material has been tried out in the field, at clinics, on students in conservatories and music schools around the world! And they all really dig the material!!

So….for that reason! I am making you all a special offer! For 3 days I am giving a 50% discount on yearly memberships!!

$150.00 US…That is 12 bucks a months roughly for a HUGE amount of material including video reviews from me and of course….The star project of the site “Inner Clock 2”


Don’t miss out as the offer will only go 3 days!!

Here it is!! $150 for year membership!!!

We are very happy to help you in your drumming endeavors and I will do all I can to help you get the most out of the site and the lessons.  Only $150.00 US. If you are in Europe or the UK the exchange rate helps further! Lets get started!

Many Kind regards

Phil Maturano

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