New Music! Ballad Won / “Phil Maturano – New York Sessions”

Phil Maturano : Ballad Won

Ballad Won From my latest project. “Phil Maturano – New York Sessions” Whats in a name? Whats in a title… I am no expert in long-term relationships. I’m not perfect with those things. I am an expert in feeling heartbroken when things don’t end well. Maybe all of us are. Yes this is a Ballad. An original piece I might add. So it’s with a sort of great joy that I put this out there. I hope you can relate to it. A song of heartbreak. About a fiery yet loving relationship that I admit making mistakes in.

What did i learn with this song? I learned that I should’ve written it when I was with her. For her. As a song dedicated to her…to the love in the moment. I used to sing it to her and promise that I would someday finish this piece. But it was only after the heartbreak that I finished it. Too late. I was even so silly, to think if she heard it she might remember the good things about us and give me a third fifth or seventh chance to make it work. Ha ha. No such result came to be. The result was the worst possible outcome that could have been. She heard the song and simply said… Thank you. A dismissive But maybe well deserved last jab.

Moral of the story “Ballad Won” – I earned this Ballad. I have the scars to prove it. This is a Ballad Won. And a beautiful woman and person lost. Per te.

Audio Digital Download available exclusively at my website


Bill O’Connell – Piano
Lincoln Goines – Bass
Phil Maturano – Drums
Produced by: Francesco Desmaele
Executive producer: Anthony Cuscina
Recorded Live in NY

Special Thanks to Sabian Cymbals for developing my Custom Jazz Rides which you see here. Also to Innovative percussion Sticks, Gonbops Percussion, Remo, Rhines in Ear Monitors and Odery Drums


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