New Members Forum on the membership site!


We now have a members forum on the membership site! Where I will answer all your questions about any of the material related to the site. IC2 Songs, lesson videos. The Online lessons section material and any other drumming related questions you might have.

I hope you will join me there and post! You can post in Spanish, English or Italian. I will respond asap!

Apoyo en Español!!

Poi fare la tua domanda anche en Italiano:-)

Your videos

You can send me links to your video performances of songs from the method or any video you might have of yourself playing and i will help you in any way I can.

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”red”]PM Lessons Forum[/fancy_link]

This makes the site totally interactive now and I am very excited to go to the next level with you all.

Looking forward to hearing from you there.

Phil M.

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