New Lesson Video from Inner Clock 2 is up!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to increase your vocabulary?

The best way by far of doing that is by studying Rhythm! NOT licks! Inner Clock 2 brings the concept of time to a new level of understanding. By helping you get a hold of rhythmic melodies through MUSIC! No other method in the world does this and the IC2 system is unique!! Check it out today!!

Avenue 5
This tune is from the Specialty phrases section. It deals with a 16th note based phrase that outlines groups of 5. Watch the lesson section and get a good grip on the basic exercises to play this well. Its a great tune to play and the solo section is a blast!

Genre = Funk Fusion

Inner Clock work

*Groups of 5
*In a groove setting
*As Section Figures
*As Ensemble Figures
*In a Solo Setting

Here is the performance clip for those of you who aren’t signed up yet!

Wanna play it? Join us today!! 🙂

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