New Lesson clip up from Inner Clock 2!!

A new lesson clip from Inner Clock 2 is up and ready to check out!

Coastal Dream – 3 bar Cycle work = 2nd Variation on “E’s”

IC2 Featured Artist – Martin Verdonk / Percussion

This tune is from our 3 bar cycle series and deals with the second variation, starting on the E’s. Make sure to watch the lesson clip of this tune as there is a lot to pay attention to.

 Style – 16th note Funk Fusion

Inner Clock Work

  • 16th note groove
  • 3 bar Cycle starting on “E”
  • The cycle in a groove setting
  • Improvising and 3 bar cycle vocabulary over upbeats
  • Comping using the 3 bar cycle

The 3 bar cycle is one of the most most important rhythmic phrases  in western Drumming! Make sure to also check out the online lesson section for using the 3 bar cycle in different Genres!! A massive work for that will really open up your phrasing and change the way you play!! If you dont know what a 3 bar cycle is, along with all its variations and permutations, you are missing out on something that has predominantly shaped the vocabulary of the greatest western drummers on the planet. From Tony Williams to Elvin, to John Bonham, Steve Smith and All the greatest players of today!

If you are tired of your ideas, and tired of sounding flat…Its probably because you are functioning in a binary rhythmic language. The key to infinite rhythmic and vocabulary possibilities …is the 3 bar cycle! Learn about it on

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