The Ska Du Method!

Have you ever wanted to get into Indian type phrasing but found it very difficult to adapt Konakol to the drum set? Well you are not alone. Konokol is an ancient system for drumming compositions from India which is very profound and takes a lot of effort to learn. It is an essential part of Indian classical music. But for the Western player it can be daunting to try to learn all the vocalizations especially when the system is thought out for table and all the other classical percussion instruments of that country. So what I have for you is a new system! One that’s fun easy to pronounce and that will lead to an incredible amount of vocabulary. After teaching for almost two years at a university in India I noticed the big disconnect between Western players and the Konakol system of composition. In the tradition of vocalization for drumming we have my new system which I call “The Ska du”

This system will greatly enhance your understanding of odd note groupings and open up a whole new drumming vocabulary for you. Making it easy to combine phrases with great creativity and fun!! You might feel silly saying it but its so easy to use! So lets get started! You will see several parts to this. Stay tined for the next sections coming up!

Part 1

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