Special Offer for Returning Members Only!!

Hi friends and colleagues! Writing to let you know a couple of very cool  and URGENT things!

1) The site has a whole new look! We have streamlined everything so the site is faster for everyone and especially mobile users! I see that most everyone accesses the site that way. It took a ton of work and many many hours of computer work but its finally done!!
2) To celebrate this happy occasion we are offering all former members a FANTASTIC deal! Get into the year long program for only 50 bucks!! What?  Yes …This special occasion makes me very happy and we would love to have you back on the site since many new things are going to be added.
*******This is only lasting for the next 3 days!!! ******
So for former MEMBERS ONLY! We have this great chance to rejoin! THIS IS A SECRET PAGE FOR YOU ONLY! Only former members know about it.
To rejoin us click on the IC2 Logo below! It will take you to PayPal.

It’s a great time to RE-join us!

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