I must be crazy!!

Am I Crazy? This offer will probably prove I am crazy! 😛

I must be Loco! Crazy! Loony tunes!! BUT if you don’t take advantage of this offer you are loonier then me! Luis, marketing director from Sabian cymbals thinks i’m koo koo for doing this. For all the folks on the mailing list I am making this offer. FOR 3 DAYS ONLY!!!! This is a secret page only those on my list have knowledge of.
120 bucks and you can join the membership lessons site for 1 YEAR!! Yes…I know …I must be crazy to offer all this info for this amazing price bwaaahahaha!

So this email sounds like a television commercial but…I truly believe in the material on the site and i believe that you will love it. Many guys have been asking me for a discount on the yearly rates because of budget issues and believe me, i understand what its like to be a student and struggle. So here is your chance!!! 1 year = $120 bucks! DONT BE CRAZY! TAKE THIS SHOT! Thats 10 bucks a month!!!! NO WAAYYYY JOSE!! YES WAY!! Make it happen!! 3 days only!!!

All the best

PS a little humor never hurts 😉

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