Day: May 26, 2013

Welcome to our third Latin workshop. We continue with the last segment of this series of exercises BUT…be aware that there are many many many more variations in this study. Our next exercises takes us to the realm of 4 bar cycles. The term 4 bar cycle simply means that this phrase is spread over […]
Coro Bell Mounted on BD
Hi Folks. I am uploading a whole series of blog posts about learning Latin music Vocabulary.You can ask any questions you like and I will try to answer as best as I can. I hope you enjoy them All the best PM
Latin kit Set up
Welcome to our second Latin workshop. I hope you are having fun and getting a good workout with this stuff! We continue now to “Break in your ears” and explore a little further into the world of Latin music. In order to fully express your self through this expansive Genre, we must solve all the […]
PM lessons Forum
Welcome to my first blog post here on pmlessons. In these posts I will be out lining many things about drumming. In this first series we have our first Latin workshop. I hope that I can inspire you to play and be a part of these most wonderful and challenging styles. I say ” Latin” […]
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