Phil Maturano and Odery DrumsPhil Maturano and Odery Drums

Phil Maturano moves to Odery Drums


Hi everyone! By now you probably know. I have started a new relationship with a company that is very dear to me. Odery Drums. To see all about them please go here. Odery Drums

The Drums are designed in Brazil. I think that is an important thing because Brazil is one of the Drumming meccas of the world. Drumming is permeated in the culture of the country. They know about drums! So it is with great happiness that I am now playing drums with these wonderful people and the sound is superb! In the video here you can see the unboxing and my first day with the drums. Its a beautiful thing. Enjoy and stay tuned for lots more music!

Here you can see the shots from the video up close

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