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  • IC2HP1

    Working the Inner Clock part 2!


    My most popular method “Working the Inner Clock part 2” is now available as a stand alone product! It’s really a major part of the lessons site with a massive video section, play alongs and charts! To read reviews about it go here… And here …

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    The Spiritual Side of Drumming


    The spiritual side of drummingAs you may or may not know, Drumming has been part of rituals in many cultures throughout human history. In some cultures it’s been more prevalent then others. And those that had an incredibly strong connection to drumming still have it …

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  • Full Latin Kit set up

    Thinking ahead


    Let us take a moment to think way ahead. Way ahead to the future where the self you don’t know yet waits for you. What do you have the day everything is done? The final day on earth? What is the one thing no one …

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